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About Us
About Us
Champion Tykabul Urban Legend
Champion Chablakmor Vodka On Ice
Truhart Witchy Woman
Truhaven Spit N Polish (Ernie The Boston)

G'Day and welcome to JAGARRA STAFFORDS.
Our introduction into Staffords began back in 1990 when we were given a stafford bitch (Marlo) who was rescued from a life of mistreatment. Marlo was a member of our family until 2000 when she went to rainbow bridge.
Now with a young son (Jacob) we decided not to get another dog, instead turning our interest to breeding various birds, (Cockatiels, Finches etc.)That was until 2003 when Tara met up with an old school friend Renee (Ryaem)whom she hadn't seen since 1986. Renee had two lovely staffords and was enjoying some success in the show ring. Tara and I went to some shows with Renee and fell in love with the breed once again.
We were introduced to Julie Mortimer(Chablakmor) who was placing a 14 month old stafford male, Cruiser (Tykabul Urban Legend). After meeting this ball of muscle we had to have him, (It was love at first sight). Julie had mentioned showing Cruiser but we weren't to sure, after some convincing (Julie is good at that) we entered some shows. Cruiser placed 3rd at the first show we entered and as they say we were hooked.
After months of showing Cruiser with mixed results we decided to purchase a bitch. Once again Julie came to the rescue as one of her bitches was having a litter of pups.
On the 20th March 2004 "Ice" (Chablakmor Vodka on Ice) along with her eight other siblings was born.Although not immediately falling in love with her she is now a much loved member of our family. Ice has taken us on the exciting trip of dog showing having success under local, national and international judges both speciality and allbreed.
Still not just happy with two staffords we were lucky enough to purchase a bitch "Sky" (Truhart Witchy Woman) from Helen Trewin (Truhart) and are enjoying mixed results with this young lady.
To date our staffords have taken us all over Victoria, also shows in N.S.W., A.C.T. with trips to Adelaide and Newcastle planned for September 2006.
We are thoroughly enjoying the travelling and the MANY friends we have made in and out of the show ring.
We would like to thank a few very special friends for their support and advice and genuine friendship. THANK YOU... Julie (Chablakmor), Mark and Melissa (Remblak) and also Jenny (Maxnjay) for the web site and to the rest of the crew (You know who you are).
Thank you for taking the time to read about us and our three wonderful staffords, we hope they bring you as much joy as they do us.
Geoff, Tara and Jacob.